Owens Valley is known for its majestic mountains and beautiful landscapes. It’s a place where adventure seekers and nature lovers routinely go to escape and enjoy the world’s natural gifts.

But for the Fort Independence Indian Community, a federally-recognized Native American Indian Tribe of Paiute people, Owens Valley has always been more than that. It’s been home for over 500 years.

Throughout history, the Paiute people have fought and struggled to keep their place in this sacred valley, passing the spirit of resilience and resolve from generation to generation. 

Today, the struggle to keep the land is over. Now the Tribe is focused on nurturing and protecting the area, while also empowering the Fort Independence Indian Community through intelligent and sustainable economic development. 

Of the many initiatives the Tribe has put in place over the past 10 years, Oak Creek Dispensary and Oak Creek Farms most closely align with an important tradition of the Paiute people: promoting wellness through horticulture. For a long time, cannabis was recognized only for its recreational use, but today we know the plant is vital for medicinal treatments, healing properties and wellness benefits that continue to gain recognition over time.

At Oak Creek Farms, master cultivators are crafting over two dozen varietals of cannabis flower by hand, fed by the potent hi-country sun and nourished by the sacred waters of Oak Creek. The work being done at Oak Creek Farms is all about quality, with science and nature combining to produce exceptional, sustainable craft cannabis at scale. 

At Oak Creek Dispensary, our team is dedicated to providing recreational and medical consumers with unmatched value, delivering some of the finest craft cannabis the industry has to offer—at tax-free prices

For the Fort Independence Indian Community, cannabis is the next frontier of using land and resources to sustainably support and advance the Tribe, while promoting wellness at the same time.